Explorer Record Breaking Night

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A evening of individual and group challenges, to find the Explorers hidden talents - we may even get a world Record breaker


Guinness World Record Book
Stop watch
Tape measure or large Rule
6 Boxes of Jaffa Cakes
4 bags Marshmallows
large bag of Hula hoops type crisps
20 doughnuts
jelly sweets, plates, chopsticks
cotton wool balls
hula hoops


Explorer Scouts split into equal sizes groups. group members to decide which members of each team will complete each of the 1 minute challenges.
One Minute Challenges:

Most Marshmallows (world record 12)
Most Jaffa Cakes (word record 8)
Most doughnuts (world record 3)
Most Hula hoop spins (world record 64)

Timed and group challenges:
fastest to colour sort bag of sweets with chopsticks
fastest to write out (text) the scout promise on a phone
longest time a Explorer Scout can stand on one leg , eyes closed with out falling, opening eyes
Longest time to balance object on head
Furthest to throw cotton wool ball
Tallest tower made from hula hoops

On completion of the challenges, the leader board scores to be confirmed and compared to any real Guinness World record . Our "Explorer Records" to be recorded and used to challenge other units and future Explorers in the unit.


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