Trangia Beetle Drive

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Scouts work in teams. One member of the team runs a short course with a few minor obstacles and throws a dice to try and get elements of the Trangia stove or food. One roll per turn, if there is nothing left relating to that number ... tough. This works like a traditional beetle drive. The goal being to be the first team to cook an English Breakfast on the Trangia.


Per team: Trangia Base; Trangia upper; Trangia fry pan/lid; Trangia sauce pan; Trangia burner; Trangia pan handle; Meths; Matches; Spoon; Fork; Knife; Plate; Sausage; Bacon; Egg; Hashbrown; Mushroom; Baked beans; Cooking oil; Dice


1 Gets you a Trangia Base
2 Gets you a Trangia Upper (Base needed first)
3 Gets you a Trangia Pan OR Frying Pan (With Oil)
4 Gets you a Sausage OR Bacon OR Egg OR Hash Brown OR Mushroom OR Beans (Relevant pan needed first)
5 Gets you a Trangia Stove (Filled with Meths) OR Matches (Base needed first)
6 Gets you a Pan Handle OR Spoon OR Fork OR Knife OR Plate


  • Beetle drive
  • cook
  • stove
  • Trangia

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