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African Evening- Beavers

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1.Introduction to Africa - question and answer session 5 mins
2.Animal game - 4 animal stations to run to in each corner of the room, they can run to one when music stops, stations randomly called out, those at the station names are out. 10 mins
3.African Mask Making 10 mins
4.Bean Bag balancing relay game to simulated carrying items on head - 10mins
5. Turn lights off to simulate power cut - 5 mins
6.african food
7. African Prayer and close


1. photocopies of masks, elastic, felt tip pens http://www.traceycampbellpearson.com/pdf/AfricanMask.pdf
2. bean bags
3. African food - chopping boards, plastic bowls
4. candles
5. Prayer
6. animal game



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