Beaver Beetle

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Play Beetle but use the shape of a beaver instead of beetle


Beaver Beetle sheet and pencil for everyone taking part
1 dice per table


1. Each of the numbered squares on the sheet is one game.
2. You must first throw either a 6(body) or a 5(head)
followed by the opposite number.
3. Once you have a 6 and a 5 the other items can be filled in
in any order.
4. Where there are more than one of an item e.g. legs you
only fill in one leg for each correct throw of the dice.
1 x 6 for the body 1 x 5 for the head
1 x 4 for the tail 4 x 3 for the paws
2 x 2 for the ears 4 x 1 for the eyes, nose & mouth
5. Once you have completed a beetle you must shout
Beetle to stop the game.
6. Once beetle has been called the game stops and the points
are added together for each item on the card and the total
placed in the score line relating to the square.
7. The total score for a full beetle is 35 points.
8. Once all points have been added the person with the highest
score on each table moves forward one table in a clockwise
direction, the person with the lowest score on each table
moves backwards one table in an anticlockwise direction


  • Beetle drive
  • game

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