Mothers Day Flowers

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Making Tissue Paper Flowers for Mothers Day


Coloured Tissue cut into 10cm circles
Pipe Cleaners (approx 15cm long)
Used drinking yoghurt cartons (washed)
A small amount of modelling clay or similar to use to when poking holes in the paper


Take a pipe cleaner and three or four different coloured tissue paper circles. Put the modelling clay on the table and put the centre of the discs over the top of the clay. Poke the pipe cleaner through the tissue paper and into the clay. Thread a bead onto the end of the pipe cleaner and fold the pipe cleaner over the bead to hold the paper in place. Scrunch the tissue paper gently upward so that the bead is in the middle, spread out the petals and you have a flower. Put two or three in each used drinking yoghurt carton.


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