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the website fun science helps alot with this and then either in teams with an adult if you have enough help split into 4 groups and each group to make one of the activities a rain gauge, barometer, weather vane, anemometer or over 4 weeks
then make a large graphed chart to record the weather over the week and smaller versions to take home and bring back


•An icecream container lid (or an old food container lid)
•Scissors or a craft knife (be careful and use adult help when necessary)
•A marker (felt pen)
•A skewer
•A pin
•Paper cups
•A skewer (or something similar to poke holes)
•A balloon
•A jar
•A rubber band
•A straw
•A piece of card
•A plastic (soft drink) bottle
•Some stones or pebbles
•A ruler


follow the instructions on for the anemometer
follow the instructions on for the weather vane
follow the instructions on for the barometer
follow the instructions on for the rain gauge


  • weather
  • weather forecast
  • weather record

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