Origami Mother's Day pledge Bouquet

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Make a bunch of origami tulips with promises on the stalks for Mother's Day - Mum can "cash in" the help pledges over time - aim for each Cub to have at least 5 individual flowers OR for the pledges to have longer time limits e.g I will set the table for one week etc.


Coloured paper, pastel shades plus green. Lolly sticks. Glue plus glue gun, ribbon, sheet of "help pledges".


Make origami tulips as per instructions. (A good one at : http://www.bloom4ever.com/easy-origami-tulip/page-07.php)
Glue to lolly sticks. Add pledges to the sticks e.g "I promise to make my bed" etc. Add green leaves. Tie a selection together with ribbon to make a bouquet. Happy Mother's Day. Can be adapted to have flowers in a decorated jam jar vase if time allows.


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