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Making a periscope out of card and mirrors


Old cereal boxes, small mirrors or mirror card, sticky tape


Step 1

Print out the template Copy the template markings on to card with your marker and ruler as big as you can. Cut along the markings and cut in middle. You should have two cutouts the same shape.

Step 2

Roll both pieces of card to make a tube (like a toilet roll) and stick their sides together with sticky tape. Make one tube slightly bigger than the other so it can fit over it.

Step 3

Cut out two pieces of mirror card so that they are just the right size to slide in the slot between the "horns" (the slot at the ends of the tubes). Stick into place.

Step 4

With the horns at opposite ends, slide the tubes together. Slowly twist the top tube. Look at the bottom mirror. What can you see?

Alternative Instructions:

Print out the alternative template, and instructions attached



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