Collaborative games

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A set of games and challenges to get beavers in lodges to work together


Game 1: Paper chains: plain paper, scissors, glue stick, stopwatch
Game 2: Build a tower: large cardboard boxes -flat packed (like the ones used for removals), tape
Game 3: Untangle: Large box, a few pieces of string or rope all tangled up


Game 1: Paper chains, 15 mins
In lodges, give each lodge strips of paper about 1 inch wide. They need to split the work to create the longest paper chain. Give them 7 to 10 minutes. The longest chain wins. Beavers then try to join all chains together to see how long they can make it

Game 2: Build a tower, 15 mins
Flat-packed boxes in the middle of the room. Each lodge take a flat-packed box, one at a time, they need to put up the box using tape to keep it standing up. They need to build a tower, a wall, or an enclosure for their lodge. The nicest structure wins. Then they all together build a wall at the end of the hall

Game 3: Untangle: 10 mins
a box of pieces of string or rope for each lodge. They must untangle the ropes. the lodge that finishes first wins

Time filler: relays to transport one box at a time from one end of the hall to the other



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