Lodge Tree

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Beavers are divided into Lodges. Each Lodge has a tree trunk. Each Beaver is given a coloured sheet of paper (matching the lodge colour) to draw around their hand on. This is then cut out and their name written across the middle. Beavers then stick their Leave/Hand Print on the Lodge Tree


Drawing of a tree trunk on an A4 page (1 per lodge) with the name of the lodge printed along the trunk
Blue Tack
Leaves sufficient for each beaver


Briefly outline what being a beaver lodge means and outline membership of that lodge and loyalty and friendship.
Give each Beaver a sheet of lodge coloured paper.
Beavers must draw around their hand print, cut it out and then write their name on the front.
Beavers each are given Blue Tack to attach their leaves to their lodge tree.
Lodge Trees are displayed at each meeting.


  • Beavers, Activities, Membership
  • Belonging
  • Membership

Badge Links

  • Friendship - Community
  • Joining In - [NONE]
  • Membership - People