Vortex Cannon Construction

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Building cannons that shoot a blast of air


For each team:-
- Empty box (the type 5 reams of office paper come in)
- Plastic bag (either a strong one or if thin, doubled over)
- Strong 'gaffer' type tape
- Scissors
- Plastic/paper/similar disposable cups (for target practice)


1. Tape the lid of the box or all of the flaps down securely (depending on what type of box)
2. Cut the entire end off and replace with the plastic bag
3. Cut a round hole in the other end (teams can experiment with hole sizes, but bear in mind it can always be made bigger!)
4. Tape around the edge of the hole
5. Make sure that all of the flaps, any holes (except the one made in step 3) and the edges of the bag are all well taped down
1. Stack the cups into piles
2. To fire the cannon, firmly slap the sides of the box together. The box will probably start to loose structural integrity, so add more tape!
3. Experiment with hole sizes, distances and techniques to find which works best
4. Can also be used to play super-sized blow football


  • air cannon
  • boxes
  • vortex

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