Map Reading Egg Hunt

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Use map symbols and grid references to locate find eggs


map of the hunt area, map symbols, egg cards


16 cards with a letter or number written on them where hidden within the grounds of the Scout hut.

An aerial photo of the grounds was grabbed off google maps and a 4 x 3 grid overlayed onto it. The grid references fo each cards location was noted.

16 OS map symbols where printed on A4 paper and each had one of the cards grid references added to the bottom.

Cubs where divided into small groups (of 3 or 4) and each group was given a sheet with the names of 6 map symbols on them.

Cubs had to find the symbols from the names on their sheet and note down the gord references. They then had to plot the location of the grid refs on their copy of the aerial photo. Then go to that location on the ground and get the letter or number off the card they found there.


  • grid references
  • Map reader
  • map symbols

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