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Grab the Acorn

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Show Beavers how unfair it is that some people have more than others


4 boxes or chairs ('drays')
20 or more beanbags or hoops ('acorns') or other suitable.


1. Take 4 boxes that are the same size and fill them up with 20 more more acorns.
2. Place them apart in the 4 corners of the room, or as far outdoors as you feel comfortable.
3. Tell the Beavers they are going to be squirrels, collecting acorns.
4. Make up 4 teams and place them in fron of their 'dray'. The object of the game is to go to any of the other three boxes, take out one acorn at a time, bring it back to your dray and place it inside (monitor the boxes so that only one acorn is taken out each time.
5. Give a time limit of 2-3 mins.
6. Tell the Beavers to stop and then count up how many acorns each team has.
7. Chat about how it can be unfair that some people have more than others.


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