Shadow Charades

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Make shadows onto a sheet


Projector (or angle-poise lamp) + Netbook + charger + Extension lead
Large sheet (better to have 2, which gives a hidden area for the Beavers to practice)
Rope to cross the hall (don't put too close to the end wall, otherwise not enough distance for the projector)
Table (to put projector on)
Chairs x 2 (for Beavers to sit on when acting)


Put rope across hall @ 7' height and peg both sheets to it (peg the sheets together)
Set up projector / netbook and project a white square (use PowerPoint to get full-screen)

Bring Beavers in pairs behind the sheet and explain what they have to act. The rest of the Beavers have to guess what they are doing.
- Riding a horse
- Getting a hair cut
- Cutting down a tree
- Eating dinner
- Karate
- Throwing a Ball

Put all Leaders behind the sheet, and Beavers have to guess which Leader is casting the shadow.
Repeat with Beavers; bring several Beavers behind sheet and they go one at a time.


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