Scout inspection

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Scouting is a values-based organisation. How we dress, is in some ways, a sign of our values. We need to encourage the scouts to take pride in who they are and in what they wear.


All uniform and equipment as attached spreadsheets


Each patrol leader inspects the patrol to their left or right as directed by Skip
An inspection at the start of the evening is a chance to check that the uniform is complete and badges are correctly displayed.
At the end of the year out of troop funds buy the best scout a prize (something they need for camping)

Also, the inspection sheets are a handy place to record patrol points or badges earned if the scout brings in something from home.

These are one way of encouraging a high standard at meetings and at camp. They are also about encouraging young people to take responsibility for themselves. They should be short, friendly and helpful. Scouts should be aware that they might be inspected on attendance, uniform, general smartness, personal cleanliness and on certain occasions, on individual items, such as handkerchiefs. Adverse comments should be constructive and given in a friendly manner, not as a negative criticism which may be presented. It may well be that the Troop wishes to introduce a competitive edge and encourage Scouts to do their best, by giving points for inspection. It is very important that these are allocated on a fair system and if it is part of an inter-Patrol competition, the system needs to be monitored to ensure that it doesn't become all-important. It is what underlies inspection that is important, not whether one Scout is essentially cleaner and tidier than another.


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