Scout Walker

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Pioneering Walker that can be raced


Staves or broom handles
lashing line


The Scout Transporter

Build an 'A' frame using full size spars - the sides of the frame need to be 4m (12ft) spars.

Do the sheer lashing at the apex some 1m - 1.5m (3ft - 4'6") from the top of the frame.

Tie two long ropes to the top of each spar.

Push the frame into the stream so that the butt ends of the legs are approximately in the centre, with the top of the frame resting on the bank.

One of the ropes tied to the top of the frame goes to each bank and a further spar is required on each bank.

To use the transporter, a Scout sits on the top of the frame between the spars, facing the opposite bank. The Patrol lifts the top of the frame with the bottom bearing on the bank of the stream. The loose spar is used to push the frame upright into a vertical position. The Scout sitting on the frame holds on for all he or she is worth! Once the frame is upright, it is controlled by hauling on the ropes. The Scout being transported holds tight until the frame is past the vertical and he or she can jump off onto the opposite bank.

Although not for the faint hearted, using a Scout Transporter builds a sense of trust between the members of the Patrol.


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