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Scouts use a box and go though the store room getting all the things ready they will need to cook for camp


1 storage box (e.g milk crate) for each patrol
1 Table per patrol.
Enough cooking equipment for each patrol (still in the store)


Tell the Scouts they are preparing a camp cooking box for a camp. The box should be suitable for cooking for a patrol of 6, and suitable for both a weekend and a week long camp.

5 Minutes: Quick discussion about having the right equipment, what sort of things would be needed on camp, what happens if you don't have them or if they're not working properly? If required fit into this a bit about how the equipment belongs to them, as the scouts and the importance of it.
20 Minutes: Let them loose in the store (or have them talk with a quartermaster) to arrange the items they think they'll need on a table.
15 Minutes: Bring them all back together and give them the list of things they should have collected, have them tick off what they did get against the list and ask each patrol how many they missed.
15 Minutes: Make the items on the table match the items on your list, make a list of any items which are not available.
15 Minutes: Go through each item and check that it's in good condition, add to the list any items which need repairing or replacing.


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