Navigator Hike

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Hike with questions for the scouts to demonstrate their knowledge for the navigator badge.




This works well if a leader is following or with a group on a normal hike - simply a case of asking the scouts individually about the following questions:

* Show that you understand the meaning of scale, true, grid and magnetic north and can recognise conventional map symbols.
* Interpret contour lines in terms of shape and steepness of terrain. Know the meaning of topographical features such as valley, col, ridge, spur, etc.
* Show how to set a map with and without a compass. Be able to use and give six-figure grid references. Demonstrate the use of a roamer to improve accuracy.
* Show how to measure distances on a map and how to estimate timings for a particular route.
* Show how to find north without the aid of a compass, by day or night.
* Demonstrate your awareness of the latest developments in electronic technology such as the Global Positioning System.


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