Easter String Balloons

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String Balloons used for easter may need to be done over a couple evenings.


PVA glue (or liquid starch if you can get some), water water balloons (or normal ones depends how big you want them),


1.Begin by blowing up the balloons. Only blow them up part way, until they are the size of an egg. Tie them shut.

2. Cut ahead of time 1 to 2 foot lengths of embroidery thread. It is much easier to have them cut ahead of time because your hands will be getting very messy.

3. Pour some PVA into a little cup or dish and add water (you can substitute this for liquid starch or fabric stiffener). Then, soak a length of floss in the cup. Pull out the thread through your fingers, removing the excess.

4. Now, wind the thread all around the egg. Continue will the other pieces of floss until the egg is as covered as you want. Different shades look great together, or you can do the egg one solid color. Different shades of one color look good too (like light pink and dark pink).

5. Tie a string around the knot of the balloon and hang them to dry overnight.

6. The next day, pop the balloon with a pin. It will crinkle up and shrink inside, pulling with it any excess mix that was on the sides of the balloon. Then, carefully remove the balloon through one of the openings in the thread.

7. Now your egg is done. They can be displayed in a basket, or you can tie a thread to them for hanging.

I modified it by adding sweets into the balloon before blowing them up and wrapping it in thread so the kids could break them open at Easter and have a treat inside


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