Easter Witches

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A game based on the Swedish custom of Easter Witches.


Two dice.


Easter witches stand at either end of the playing area with their backs to each other.
The rest of their team throw dice to see how many paces their witch can take and call out the number once the die has landed.
If the team throw a 4, they shout 'four eggs' and their witch takes 4 steps backwards.
When the witches' backs touch the first person to say 'Easter' wins.

Designed by Red Six at 6th Friern Barnet Cub Pack. Based on the Swedish custom where children dress as Easter witches (with long skirts, colourful headscarves and painted red cheeks) go from house to house presenting their neighbours with paintings and drawings in the hope of getting sweets in return. According to swedish folklore, during Easter the witches fly to Blåkulla (the Blue Mountain) to meet the devil.


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