Flag Raid

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A capture the flag wide game - with flags that can't easily be moved quickly - unknown bases (part of the challenge is to find them) and roles for team members.


Two (or four) different colours of wool - one for each team (if using four one for attackers and one for defenders on each team); a couple of pieces of rope to mark out the no-man zone. Flags (water containers - or something with a bit of weight or of a style that can't be moved quickly.


Flag raid works best with teams of around 8 or 9, but there is no real minumum or maximum. It can be played during the day or night, however as you will see, it works better at night.

Each team member gets a piece of wool tied around one of their arms in their team's colour, this is their 'life'. It can be replaced, but without it that team member must take no part in the game until it is renewed. Two large clearings need to be found (about 20 metres across) within about 50 - 100 metres of each other. Each time claims one of the clearings but doesn't know where the other team's clearing is. An area inside the clearing is marked with a rope layed on the ground and that area is out of bounds to that team. A flag (often a half full water carrier) is placed inside this area. One leader hides in the bushes in each of the clearings and, if other leaders are availble, on the route between the two clearings.

On the command of GO, the object of the game is to get BOTH flags inside your own rope circle. The teams are to assign people to defensive tasks and to to offensive tasks. Bearing in mind that the teams don't know where the other clearing is, this can be quite an interesting phase of the game. Team A are allowed in Team B's circle, but Team A are not allowed in their OWN circle unless carrying a flag. Therefore, Team B attackers can seek refuge (and get their breath back) whilst in the safety of Team A's circle before trying to make it back to their own circle.

Defense takes the form of removing the other team's life bands. When a player has had his band of wool removed, he is useless to his team until he gets it replaced by a leader, usually moving between the two clearings. If a player is running with a flag and his band is removed, he must drop the flag instantly.

Depending on the Leader, points can be awarded for other team's bands. Therefore, Team A will get more points for the number of Team B members that they have "killed".

The game stops either when both flags are in one circle or the game has dragged on for too long and the teams are too evenly matched...


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