Wood Woggle Making

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Making Woggles from wood


Blank Woggles made from wood (Branch with bark cut into 20mm long blocks with a side cut to give face to be decorated)
felt tip pens / coloured pencils
clear varnish


1. Cut branches from the woods about 50mm thick
2. Dry in airing cupboard for about 6 months
3. using band saw cut into 20mm blocks
4. using a 16mm drill cut hole
5. using a sharp knife cut a flat face by placing the knife about 4mm in on one side of block and hitting the back of the knife hammer
you now have blank woggles
6. print out sheets of scouting clip art and give out to each patrol for inspiration
7. let the scouts imagination run wild (fire, reef knots & patrol colours look good)
8. varnish to protect


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