Pairs -Our Sporting Adventure Bronze

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A game to help Beavers get to know each other, this one is great to use when meeting with other Colonies or with the Cub Pack from Beavers our sporting adventure page 11.




1. The Beavers stand at one end of the meeting place and a leader stands at another.
2. The leader shouts out an attribute that the Beavers may have in common. Examples of
these attributes could be a hair colour, a number of siblings, a first initial, a number of badges,
sock or shoe colour or a favourite TV show.
3. The Beavers then find someone that shares the attribute, and race to be the first pair to run over
to the leader. This activity shows the Beavers how much they have in common with each
other, and how easy it is to make friends.


  • friendship
  • Our Sporting Adventure
  • pairs

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