Jungle Book Bingo or Relay

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Bingo card and picture images - use as relay race or bingo


Card and pictures


line the cubs up in their sixes with the card on the floor in front of the leader. At the opposite end of the hall, have tables laid out with 9 images per six, and a dice. On the whistle, they need to run/jump/hop/skip (etc) up to the table and then roll a 1 or 4 to get a picture from the top row on their card. (I give them three chances of rolling to get the required number before they have to run back and the next cub come up and try). When they get a 1 or 4, they then run back and put the picture on the appropriate name on their card. The next member of the six then does the same for the second picture on the top row. Only once the top row is completed, can they move onto the second row, where they need to roll a 2 or a 5. And then when the second row is complete, they can move onto the bottom row where they need to roll a 3 or 6. First six to have all the names and pictures matched up correctly and sat still in their line, wins.


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