Cowboys and Indians

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Outdoor Wide game where the cowboys try to capture the Indians and the Indians try to outwit the cowboys




Half the group are cowboys and half Indians. The Indians have to take their stores (a piece of paper with a 'store' eg rope and a points score written on it) from one base to another. They can hide their 'store' on their person (you may add some rules here like only in top layer of clothes!). They also have a 'life' which is a piece of wool tied around their upper arm. The cowboys have to catch the Indians. They then have 10 seconds to find the 'stores'. If they find the 'stores' they take the 'stores' and the piece of wool back to their base. If they can't find the stores they just take the wool back to their base. The Indians can only hand in stores if they have their life intact - so if they loose their life but not their stores they have to return to the first base for a new life (wool). After half an hour the scores are counted up. Both teams get the points value of any stores plus the cowboys get 10 points for each life they got. We then swap the teams over and play for another half an hour. Scores are added up and then added to the first half score to reveal the winning team... Sounds complicated...not really and the cubs love it!


  • catch
  • strategy
  • teams

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