Why do we keep fit?

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Learning why we need to keep fit and the immediate effect of exercise on the heart


Loud music (fast tempo)
Something to play it on

e.g. Spotify song and a portable speaker


Talk about why we all need to keep fit (see attachment) e.g. healthy heart, strong muscles, more flexibility, greater balance, better mood.

1. Ask Beavers to space themselves out and sit down.
2. Have them close their eyes and imagine they are watching TV or something relaxing.
3. Ask them to place their hands on their chest and try and feel their heartbeat.
4. They can tap the rhythm slowly and then stand up.
5. Leader to turn on loud, fast music and Beavers to jump up and down and dance.
6. After 30 seconds, stop the music and then start it again.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you can see the exercise is having an effect.
8. Ask the Beavers to try and feel their heartbeat again.... What do they notice? Is anything else happening? (Sweating, panting? etc)

Have one more session of jumping around and then the Beavers sit/lie back down and feel their heartbeat until it has slowed down to where it started.


  • exercise
  • Heartbeat
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