Keep fit / heart rate circuit

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Take part in a discussion about heart rate and a simple keep fit circuit.


Heart rate monitor
stop watch


Heart rate – What is your pulse like at rest?
• In a circle get ideas of what your heart rate is and what your heart does.
• 1 Beaver from each lodge has their Heart rate taken using the blood pressure machine, record results.
• All Beaver Scouts try to take their heart rate/pulse.
• How fast is it going at the moment?

Activity circuit –What will happen to your heart rate after exercise?
Beaver’s carry out activities at the different stations for 1 minute.
• Star jumps-Matt
• Press ups-Chris
• Jog to the bottom of field and back-Kevin
• Bench step ups-Nicky (heart rate after activity)

Feedback – What has happened to your heart rate?
All Beaver Scouts try to take their pulse.


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  • keep fit

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