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An indoor capture the flag


Floor markings (see download)


This is reproduced from an escouts post: http://www.escouts.org.uk/forum/threads/19099-What-is-this-game-called?

In two teams, they start in their centres. They then follow the "corridors" out of the maze, and back into it along their opponent's corridor, to get their opponent's token and bring it back to their centre/base. If they still have their token, they win.

If a kid steps on or over the line, they are out (either return to their base, or out of the game). If the kid has the token at the time, it is dropped in situ.

So the scouts will most likely try grabbing each other from across the corridors, with a bit of pushing and shoving etc.

You can't be pushed out of the safe area, and you can only have 1 or 2 members in the safe area.


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