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6 sporting challenges to complete for Beavers Health & Fitness activity badge - part B


skipping ropes
box to throw it into
insulating tape to mark a straight line on the floor


6 mini sports stations with challenges - re-vamped from the POL

(1) skipping - can you skip 5 flips
(2) beanbags - can you throw it into the box 5 times
(3) line - can you walk heel to toe along the straight line
(4) balls - can you throw a tennis ball up into the air and catch it again x10
(5) star jumps - how many in 1 minute
(6) skittles - how many can you knock down with 3 balls
(7) hula hoops- how many can you do in 1 minute?

Each child has a record sheet to record their answers on

Other stations could be
beanbags into a hoop
blindfolded 3 legged race (1 beaver blind)
egg and spoon race
sack race
Dribbling a ball around an obstacle course with a hockey stick


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