Cardboard Camp Oven

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How to make an oven for camp...made out of Cardboard!


1 x Open Fire/Disposable BBQ
1 x Cardboard Box (Big enough to cover said fire)
1 x Sheet of Card (to make a lid)
1 x Pair of sharp scissors/knife (to cut card)
Lots of foil! (to wrap all the card)
1 x Metal Cooling Rack
4 x Metal Tent Pegs/metal Skewers
1 x Pair of Oven Gloves


1. Cut the top & bottom flaps off your cardboard box
2. Completely cover your cardboard box & sheet of card in foil, leaving no area of card exposed! Any exposed card will be a fire hazard!
3. Push 1 tent peg through side of the box about 2cm from each corner, half way up the box. Then place your cooling rack on to the pegs inside your box.
4. Light the fire/BBQ & carefully place the box over the top.
5. Once hot, cook your chosen meal (pizza's or fairy cakes work a charm!) in your oven by placing food onto the rack & placing the lid on top to keep the heat in.
6. Once your meal is ready - EAT!
7. Extinguish your fire & leave to cool before moving/dismantling! (BEWARE:- IT WILL BE VERY HOT!)

Method learned from Gilwell Reunion!


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