Taking the Lead: Lego Tower

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Build the tallest free-standing Lego tower without speaking to other team members.


For each group, approximately 100+ construction bricks (eg Lego) in different colours copies of instruction cards (These can be found on the Resources Sheet)


Advance preparation: You will notice that one of the cards has an additional instruction on it. It is important that other members of the team do not see this card as it will jeopardise the success of the activity. Only one member of the group should be given this card. The other group members receive copies of the card with the general instructions.

During the activity: Observe the team working. You may need to remind them about working without talking. How does the person with the special instruction react when the other members of the team seem to be ignoring this rule?

After the activity: If you have more than one team working on the same task, measure the height of the towers and declare a winner.

Discuss how the team members felt about achieving the task. Did they realise that one member of the team had a slightly different agenda? How did that person feel/react, particularly towards other members of the team? Did this create any tensions within the group? If so how did the team get over these?


  • communication
  • creative challenge
  • Creative Expression
  • lego
  • lego team building
  • Taking the lead

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