Taking the Lead: Who's in my team?

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A discussion of teams that the scouts are a part of and what makes effective and ineffective teams.


Three large sheets of flipchart paper (A1 size) and marker pens.


This activity is aimed at getting members of each team to think about what makes a good team and what makes it effective.

1. Start this session with a general discussion about teams they know. Ask one of the group members (or a facilitator) to make a list on one of the sheets of paper (see downloads for examples).

2. Then ask the group to describe any teams of which they are a part. Ask another member of the group to record the results.

3. Finally, ask the group to identify what makes effective and ineffective teams.

After the activity:

Was there some general agreement on what makes effective and ineffective teams?

Were the Scouts surprised at how many teams they are each in?

Can they name a really effective team? Why is it effective?


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