Stork Stand

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This activity will help you to improve your balance and stability! - Sainsbury's Active Kids - Week 1 - 2013


No equipment needed, although a chair or frame can be used for support if required.


Individually, players stand on one leg and hold their balance for as long as they can. Try counting to ten to start with. Players can then try to hold their balance for longer and longer. Use arms to help with the balance.

Space - Use the space above by stretching arms up during the balance, or crouch down low while balancing to make it harder.
Task - Try using a less favoured leg to balance on. Try the balance without using arms. Try with eyes closed. As an alternative, seated players can balance an object (like a bean bag) on an outstretched hand.
Equipment - Use music to provide a calm atmosphere. Try the stork balance with a bean bag balanced on a shoulder or head. Use a chair or wall to aid balance if required.
People - Work in pairs to help each other balance.


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