Making Native American (Indian) Head dresses

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Use a paper or thin card strip to go around the head and add feathers made of coloured paper - or craft feathers if you can get them.


Coloured paper, card, glue, scissors, sellotape, staples, craft feathers


Paper feathers can be made by cutting A4 paper into quarters, and then each quarter in half lengthways to create a strip. Then fold the strip in half and cut off a triangle at each end to make a parallelogram, and some small cuts on the sides (straight snips or little triangles) to add detail. Then unfold the strips and stick them to a long band which has been measured to the right size for the child's head, using tape or glue.
If using craft feathers you can staple these to the head band, then cover the inside with sellotape to stop the staple scratching or catching on hair.

Wear with brightly coloured war paint!


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