Game: The Blob

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Active game for Scouts - If the Blob touches you, you'll be part of the Blob.


Open Area or Hall


Goal: To be the last person in the game, who isn't part of the Blob.

- You'll need to play in an area where everyone can easily run around
- Introduce the activity by saying that cooperation and working as a team is needed in the game.

**Note: Before playing, let everyone know the boundaries of the playing/running area. If anyone exceeds those boundaries, they will be part of the Blob.**

How to Play The Blob Game:
1. Pick Two volunteers. Have the volunteers line up in the front and hold each other's hand. These volunteers will start off as the Blob and must hold hands at all times.

2. The purpose of the game is to not be touched by the Blob. The two players join hands to form the “Blob”. The Blob grows by chasing other players and touching them. Note: Only the free hands at the end of the Blob can be used to touch players.

3. The Blob tries to tag everyone while running together and holding hands. The last person standing wins the game.

- For a quick game and for older youth (older Cubs and Scouts): Once Blobs become as big as four people, they should split off into Blobs of two, which will then grow again to four and split again.


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