Blockbusters Quiz

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A 33 or 39 Question, Three Subject quiz Using a Blockbusters style formate to give two chances of winning.


A3 paper, pens/pencils, tables and chairs


Download Required version.

Change topics and questions as required.

Print the required version on A3 paper (Setting 'Scale to paper size' or equivalent to A3).

Fold answer sheet down printed line so instructions can be read from the front.

Appoint one or more independent adjudicators.

Get section to form teams of max 5 people and where possible/viable include a leader in each team.

Hand out the answer sheets to each team (One per team).

Read out instructions as per written on the front of the flap of the answer sheet. (Rules are also written below).

Once all questions have been asked get teams to detach listed answers and hand to independent adjudicator(s) for marking.

Read out the answers in a random order making sure you note which ones you have read out.

The winner is the first team to make a connecting line of ‘Correct’ answers from left to right across the hexagonal grid.

If no team makes a connecting line, the team with the most correct answers in the listed answer sheet wins.


Write your Team name on the line’s provided.

Number the hexagon’s randomly between 1 and 33 or 39 depending on which version you are using.

Write your answers against the relevant number and numbered hexagon.

When all the questions have been answered remove the listed answer sheet and hand in to the quiz adjudicator/master.

The Answers are called in a random order and THE WINNER is the first team to make a connection of CORRECT answers across the Blockbusters board between the Left to right hand sides of the hexagon grid.

If no-one makes it all the way across the team with the most correct answers will win.


1. The Quizmaster is always right.

2. If the Quizmaster is ever wrong, rule 1 applies.

3. It's a fun quiz so put them mobile phones away!


  • team building

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