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A game played in the dark, where cubs try reach a certain point(i.e. FREEDOM) without being recognised by the guards. If recognized they go into prison


Some orange plastic fencing and stakes to create a compound for prisoners and the same for the Freedom Area and finally one for the captured Prisoners, 2 or 3 searchlights.


Cubs have to get from one area to another without being named. If you are operating in a wide open field you will have to create some barriers for the cubs to hide behind, strategically placed, some big/wide, some small/thin. The course can be changed, add/remove more barriers. The cubs crawl, run, roll anything to avoid being spotted and named if spotted as the searchlight scans the area (like Colditz) Its a game that can be wholly run by the cubs, as they know each other so well, you can ask for volunteers to be the SPOTTERS. Obviously it needs to be dark if played outside, or lights OFF if played inside.


  • teamwork
  • wide game,fitness

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