Putting It All Together

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The Explorers must put a presentation togther to various members of the Scouts Group i.e. Section leaders, Group leader etc... The aim of the presentation is to all for the plan, which the Explorers have prepared for their expedition to be scrutinized. This will provide an opportunity for the Explorer to recieve constructive feedback from various people approaching the camp from different aspects.


White board
White board pens
Possibly flip chart paper


Invite the GSL, Section Leaders and Team Leader of the youth organisation to the session and ensure all of these are briefed as to their role before the meeting.

Stage 1: Putting it all together

Explorers have 30 minutes to prepare a 15 minute presentation to their 'panel' of guests. They must bear in mind that their presentations should be appropriately pitched according to particular person they are addressing from the panel of three i.e. GSL would like to know the overall plan but more intricate details such as necessary procedures and rules being adhered will be more appropriate here such as Nights Away permits etc...; The Section Leader(s) would like to know the details of the route they plan to follow including descriptions of navigation techniques etc. (the Section Leaders will obviously have to be competent in Hill Walking skills to be able to assess this part of the presentation); the Team Leader of the youth organisation will like to know more about what experiences the Explorers are hoping to have and how/what benefits they hope to draw from the expedition.

Stage 2: Putting it all together

After putting their presenting their proposals to the panel and receiving feedback, the Explorers can then regroup and discuss what changes they would like to make or what aspects they may need to reconsider.

Stage: Final Remarks

The members of the panel will finally be given an opportunity to give general feedback to the Explorers based upon what they have observed.



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