Getting to Know You (Beavers)

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A great Ice-Breaker activity to use, especially if there is a large influx of new section members.


"Getting to Know You" Resource - printed 1 per Young Person
Pencils/ Pens


- Explain the activity to everyone.
- The aim of the activity is to meet new people and start to intergrate into the new Colony.
- Give out one printed resource sheet and pencil/pen per Young Person.
- Challenge everyone to find a different person's name to write in each box under a heading that is true for that person.
- The Young Person should not use their own name in any box.
- If the section numbers are low, a name may be used more than once.
- Don't forget the adults! They might fit somewhere too!
- Once the time is up, sit everyone down and compare their answers. Anyone who missed some can fill them in now!


  • making friends
  • Meet new people
  • Meeting other people
  • Membership
  • New Beavers

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