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Fun, fast, and furious team game. Great time filler and even better against the grown-ups!


50 - 100 small balls (foam, plastic, or rolled-up paper)
Chalk/ Ropes/ Chairs


- The aim of the game, is to keep as many balls as possible out of your section.
- Separate the playing area using chalk, rope, chairs etc into 2 or 4 smaller sections.
- Divide the Colony/ Pack/ Troop into the same number of smaller teams.
- Distribute the balls on the first whistle.
- Once the balls are out, the teams have to throw as many balls as they can out of their section before the next whistle.
- On the second whistle, the teams have to stop and stand still. Count the balls back into original container, one team at a time.
- The team with the least number of balls in their section wins a point.
- Repeat until boredom sets in or playing time runs out.
- The team with the highest points score at the end of the game wins.


  • fun
  • parent participation
  • quick Games
  • snowball
  • team game

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