Chunkey - Native American Sport

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For a full explanation of the game - look here:
One of two players rolls a disk or quoit down the hall, and both players try to throw/slide their stick along the ground so that the disk will land on it or closest to it.


Quoit or sturdy plate,
Two scout poles/bamboo canes


Split the young people into two teams, and have both teams sit at one end of the hall. The first player in each team takes a scout pole/stick and one of them takes the disk/plate/quoit(or a leader could throw it). Mark a line in front of the players, about halfway down the hall (or less, in a very large hall)
Roll the disk down the length of the hall. As soon as the disk is released, the players should run after it, stopping at the line to throw or slide their stick along the ground, so that when the disk falls over, it will land on or nearest to their stick.


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