Escape from Coldits

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Scouts have to negotiate an obstacle course (full of noisy booby traps) in the dark without being spotted by the guards with torches


torches, lots of "stuff" to make obstacles. Camping kit, tables, pots and pans are all good with rope or string to trip over.
Only really works in the dark so this is a winter game.


Scouts are taken out of the hall and the leaders set up the obstacle course (this can take some time). The obstacles need to prevent easy movement through the hall and contain traps so that noise will be made if you set them off. Pots and pans tied to string are good.
The lights are then turned off and the Scouts are told they have to make their way across the hall to a specified point without being spotted by the guards. They are then allowed start off in ones and two and are out if spotted.


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