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action song for all Beavers




Beaver Teeth: the first two fingers of each hand rather like 'quotes in the air', and make the 'beaver sound' - a kind of click with tongue/teeth - like calling a cat (!) but that's the best way to explain it
song goes like this:

Beaver one, beaver all, let's all do the beaver call! (Beaver teeth left then right twice).
Beaver two, beaver three, let's all climb the beaver tree! (Beaver teeth climbing up in the air).
Beaver four, Beaver five, let's all do the beaver jive! (Beaver teeth - one hand forward, one back then swap (do a 'jive'!)
Beaver six, Beaver seven, let's all go to beaver heaven! (Beaver teeth above head).
Beaver eight, Beaver nine, let all STOP (stop hand forward in stop sign!) cos It's Beaver time! (dance and turn in a circle on the spot)

if you are feeling strong you can add the following too...
Beaver nine, Beaver ten, Let's all do this song again!
(Beaver teeth in clockwise circle in front of you)

(Substitute 'not' for 'all' when you can't take any more!)


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