An English Poem for St George

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The scouts write a poem, song or rap about living in England.


Attached sheets or regular ruled paper
A small stage would be excellent
A whiteboard/flip chat for brainstorming words on


Begin with a short discussion and brainstorm about life in England. If you have Scouts from other cultures or who have visited other countries have them make comparisons, the aim is not to show that England is better or worse, just to highlight that different countries have differences.

Write all the key words they come up with on a board for all to see.

Let them split into their own groups of 1-4. Tell them they're going to have 20 minutes to compose a poem, song or rap (or a sketch, or a monologue - something with words which suits your Scouts) about living in England. Encourage them to be positive!

The attached sheet gives them space to find rhymes as well as space to compose their masterpiece.

Once everyone is done, now begins the talent show. Set up chairs around a makeshift stage and have each group perform their piece.

Perhaps allocate a prize to the winner, we'll be giving each member of the winning team some points for their patrol.


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