Mechanics Activity Award

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Mechanics Activity Award in a troop night


3 Vehicles (2 of which need to be motor vehicles, the other can be a trailer)
PC and Projector/TV
Internet Access (Youtube)
Animation of 4 stroke internal combustion engine (we used and


Split troop into 3 groups...

Group 1 will be shown the animation(s) of the 4 stroke internal combustion engine and a leader will describe what is happening what part does what. The group will then talk about what the Clutch, Gearbox and Rear Diff does (additional animations may also be shown at this point).Questions will be taken from the group. Once happy with this part, the group is taken to a vehicle (we used a trailer) in order to be shown how to change a wheel using a jack and socket.

Group 2 will be taken to a motor vehicle and shown how to change bulbs, wiper blades, and will be taken through the purpose and requirements for an MOT test.

Group 3 will be taken to another motor vehicle and shown how to fill the windscreen washer fluid, checking the oil, top up the radiator/coolant, and be shown the tyre tread/depth, tyre sizes, tyre types and other markings.

This is an example running order for a 2 hours troop night...
7:30 Flag break
7:45 Game
8:00 Mechanics Rotation 1
8:25 Mechanics Rotation 2
8:50 Mechanics Rotation 3
9:15 Investiture/Awards/Notices
9:30 Flag Down and Dismiss


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