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Map Reading for Cubs

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Range of base activities to cover elements of Navigator stage 1 badge


OS Maps, Compass, Large scale maps for 6 figure grid references, Grid reference guide (L shaped card), Local map


Each base is 15 minutes
Base 1 - Discuss how to use the key on an OS map, look at what some of the symbols mean, find specific symbols on the map
Base 2 - Discuss the difference between magnetic north & north on a map, show how we find north on a map, using a compass set the map to north & explain why we do this.
Base 3 - Using some large scale (A3) pre-made maps, get the cubs to find what image is shown in a variety of grid reference locations, then get them to give the grid reference for some locations of particular images. Start as 4 figure refs & work up to 6 fig. Use 'L' shaped card cut outs to help them count across & up to find the right grid reference square.
Base 4 - Using local street maps, get the cubs to find their home and other places of interest (eg. their school, train station, shopping center, scout hut)


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