St George's Duelling / Jousting

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Cubs try their hand at duelling and jousting


Maiden jousting 2 x office chairs, 1 length of rope, 1 barbie
Balloon duelling 2 bathroom stools / wooden blocks


Jousting: Length of rope down the middle of the hut. Chalk line at either end. Barbie placed in the middle. Teams line up at opposite ends of the hut and opposite sides of the rope. One each at a time, Cubs get into the wheelie chairs and, using their feet, bottom remaining on the chair, they have to whizz to be the first to rescue the Barbie! Anyone touching/crossing the rope is disqualified. Anyone standing up/bottom off the chair is disqualified.
Duelling: One Cub per team selects a long balloon. They stand on the stools/wood, and when told to duel, they try to make the other fall off their stool/wood by whacking them or poking them with the balloon. No touching with hands/feet allowed. First to fall off loses.


  • jousting
  • St George references

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