Fires and Cooking Sausages

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Prepare and Light a fire. Cook sausages on 'willow twigs' or in frying pans


Dry wood, kindling, matches. Sausages, Bread or rolls and ample amount of tomato sauce.


Split cubs into smaller groups or sixes. Explain that fires need air and how to arrange the twigs and wood in a pyramid shape to achieve this. Cubs to go around the site collecting twigs and small pieces of wood for the wood store. Don't make fires to large. When small fires have burnt down - i.e. very little smoke and flame - either hang sausages over the fire on 'willow twigs' or put in frying pans that have been liberally coated with washing up liquid on the outside so that they wash easily. Cook sausages and then enjoy. NB Willow twigs are non poisonous - peel back a section of bark where the sausage is to be put on - use the twig like a skewer.


  • fire lighting,cooking

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