Taking the Lead: Water Bombs

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A production line activity to highlight the role of individuals in a team.


(for each team)
250 x 210mm paper squares.
One copy of instructions per team member.
Flipchart and pens to record comments from Scouts.


Advance preparation: Copies of instruction sheet (1 per team member)

Using the equipment provided the team has to make as many water bombs as possible in the time allocated (10 minutes).
After ten minutes, the team stops and counts how many completed water bombs have been made.
The leader then challenges the Scouts to increase their productivity by each Scout being allocated one particular part of the process – thereby making a ‘production line’.
After a further ten minutes, ask the teams to stop. Each team should then compares its results with its earlier efforts.

After the activity: The leader then summarises by asking the team which was more efficient – everyone working individually or everyone working as a team with a specific role


  • creative challenge
  • Creative Expression
  • Taking the lead
  • team
  • team building

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