Taking the Lead: Tallest Flagpole

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Teams work to build the tallest flagpole, whilst another scout observes how the team members work together.


Bamboo canes
elastic bands
copies of the Observer Checklist (see downloads)


Advance preparation: Make copies of the Observer Checklist. Get equipment ready for each team.

Activity description: Teams are to build the tallest flagpole using the equipment provided in the given time (30 minutes).

During the activity: Remember to ensure that the observer, who should be a Scout, is marking off aspects of teamwork on the checklist.

After the activity: At the end of this time, spend a further 10 minutes to allow teams, with observers, to report back on their successes. Focus particularly on the following:

1. The method of achieving the task and quality of the end result.

2. The teamwork required to achieve the task, in particular those headings shown on the Observer Checklist.


  • adventure
  • creative challenge
  • Creative Expression
  • outdoors
  • Taking the lead
  • team
  • team building

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